How far can a little plastic duck travel?  Ask a Riceville Elementary 2nd Grader.  They’ll tell you, “Over the mountains, plains, and even the ocean!”

One of the projects happening at the Riceville Elementary right now has made one grade go absolutely ducky!   2nd Grade classrooms are doing an ongoing writing and geography lesson through the mail, and blog.  It started out with a story by Eve Bunting entitled, Ducky.  It’s about a crate full of bathtub toys that crash overboard and drift until they’re found.  These classes are taking the same idea through the mail.  Each student started with a duck, a letter, an instruction sheet, and a destination sheet.  They were mailed to a friend or family member.  From there, the duckies go wherever the people send them to next.  At some point, the classes lose track of who has them, and just waits for the next blog posting to come in from a willing participant.  Each day, the classes check the blog for any new postings, messages, or pictures from their duckies.

Keep watching to find out where the next ones will come back from.  How far can a little plastic duck go?  That may be up to you.


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