Henry’s Ducky – Silver Spring, MD

Henry’s Ducky is spending the holidays in Silver Spring, MD. Silver Spring is a suburb of Washington DC. Henry’s Ducky hasn’t posted a few of his last stops – but he recently spent time in LaCrescent MN and Freeburg MN which are both along the Mississippi River in the hills of the driftless area.  Henry’s Ducky is staying with two furry dogs named Jupiter and Comet and two humans. One human is a software engineer and develops computer programs.  The other human works at FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine which is the government agency that is in charge for making sure animal food and drugs are safe for animals like the pets in your home and the animals on farms.  Over the holidays Henry’s duck is looking forward to doing some hobbies – like making pottery on a ceramics wheel and attending dog agility class!  Stay tuned for his holiday adventures!

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