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Hi everyone!

I’m in ALABAMA! Way down south! I got to see a lot of historical sites in Montgomery, AL. This is a city rich with history that helped shaped our nation as we know it today! People like Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks lived there.

I also saw the capital building and the first white house of the confederacy, along with the ALABAMA Supreme Court Building & more.


Be sure to check out the pictures! My next trip is to Colorado Springs, Colorado! Maybe I’ll get to go to the top of a very tall mountain!

This is the home Martin Luther King Jr lived in, in Montgomery, AL

This is the last place Martin Luther King, Jr got his haircut before he left Montgomery.

This is the first White House of the Confederacy.

This is the Capital building of Alabama. Where the Governor works.

This is the church that Martin Luther King, Jr pastored in Montgomery.

This is the Alabama Supreme Court Building.

From behind that middle window the telegram that started the Civil War in America was sent.

This is where Rosa Parks boarded a bus that eventually changed America as it was known.

This is a statue of Hank Williams a famous Country star who sang in Montgomery, AL

The Wright Brothers had a flight training school in Montgomery, AL too!

Look in the distance! Those are big Military planes! This is a part of Maxwell Air Force Base!

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