Ducky 1150 in Minnesota

Ducky 1150 spent time in different areas of Minnesota with AvaLee’s Grandpa & Grandma Adams. They got to do a lot of fun things! Went to a basketball game, went and seen the historic downtown of Winona, and even got to go to the park to play! Check out the pictures to see some of the neat things Ducky 1150 got to see and do!

Ducky 1150 is headed to Orlando, Florida to soak up some sun! See you soon!!!

Playing at the playground/ballpark across from the bike trail at AvaLee’s grandparents home.



Ducky on the original vault from Merchants National bank in downtown, historical Winona. It was used 1927-1972. Currently on display in present bank with is part of the original bank that was built in 1912.

Playing at the playground/ballpark across from the bike trail at AvaLee’s grandparents home.

Walking & biking trail that goes through AvaLee’s Grandpa & Grandma Adams back yard in Peterson, MN.

Ducky 1150 on the road to Preston, MN, a beautiful bluff area in SE Minnesota. Going to watch AvaLee’s cousin play basketball!

Watching AvaLee’s cousin play basketball in Preston, MN!

Getting ready to leave MN. I am in route to Orlando, FL to visit AvaLee’s Great Aunt Deb! Looking forward to the warmer

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Ducky 1150 in Colorado Springs, CO

Ducky 1150 got to visit Colorado Springs, Colorado. I went to Ava’s Great Aunt Nancy’s house. While there I went to Garden of Gods & saw the kissing camel rock formation(look closely in the photo), and the balanced rock. I got to see Pikes Peak from Nancy’s deck (what a view), and got to see the moon go behind Pikes Peak! I also got to go to work with Nancy at the hospital, and while there a new baby cousin was born into Ava’s family, that was exciting! I really wanted to travel to the Royal Gorge, which is a huge swinging bridge over the gorge but didn’t make it. I went skiing, but had to stay in the car because it was too cold for a duck at the top of them slopes!!

I am headed to Minnesota now, see you soon!! I kind of wish I was headed somewhere warm, these cold climates are rough on this duck!!

I got to see the moon go behind pikes peak

It was too cold for this wittle duck to ski so I had to stay in the car

Straight ahead is Pikes Peak …. its beautiful. Many people climb it and some even run up it….they race sometimes in hot sun and sometimes its snowing.
Sometimes its sunny at the bottom and snowing at the top… even in July.

Straight ahead you can see the rocks called kissing camels because they look like that. this is in Garden of Gods

This is also in garden of gods….how can this rock balance like this,….many many years ago Indians camped here

While I was in Colorado I went to the hospital to visit where my aunt works… and while there Ava’s new cousin was born… that was exciting

Garden of Gods is ahead!

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Weston 1164

Weston’s Ducky had a great time in Portland, Oregon! We biked around the city on clear sunny days, and were able to see Mount Hood and Mount Adams from afar. We even took a trip to the Oregon coast, and jumped in the chilly water! Ducky is on his way back home now!

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Final Day in Manteca for Blake #1151

Blake’s Ducky in a vineyard

It’s been really warm here, in the 70s, so I’ve been hanging around in Manteca. Yesterday I visited an almond orchard and a vineyard.  I also stopped by a farm to see some goats in the field. There are more grapes grown for wine around here than any place else in the United States. They tell me that when the almond trees are in bloom, you can smell them everywhere. Since it’s winter now the trees don’t have any leaves or flowers and the vineyards don’t have any leaves or grapes. I’m leaving for Mexico this afternoon. See the sites and meet some new people!

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Blake’s Ducky is in California !

   Hi Blake!  I flew a long way from North Carolina to get to California. I’m resting here a few days and then I may take a vacation to Mexico.  I’m in a town called Manteca, which is east of San Francisco. Manteca is in the Central Valley where lots of the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in our country come from. Around Manteca they grow lots of almonds, walnuts, olives, peaches, wine grapes, tomatoes and strawberries. It doesn’t rain much here, so the farmers use irrigation.  I’m sending two pictures of me today. One sitting on a cactus! Ouch! Those spines are sharp!  And one of me near a really nice pond where I met a couple duck relatives of mine. I think I may get to see a vineyard before I leave here!

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Ducky 1150

Hi everyone!

I’m in ALABAMA! Way down south! I got to see a lot of historical sites in Montgomery, AL. This is a city rich with history that helped shaped our nation as we know it today! People like Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks lived there.

I also saw the capital building and the first white house of the confederacy, along with the ALABAMA Supreme Court Building & more.


Be sure to check out the pictures! My next trip is to Colorado Springs, Colorado! Maybe I’ll get to go to the top of a very tall mountain!

This is the home Martin Luther King Jr lived in, in Montgomery, AL

This is the last place Martin Luther King, Jr got his haircut before he left Montgomery.

This is the first White House of the Confederacy.

This is the Capital building of Alabama. Where the Governor works.

This is the church that Martin Luther King, Jr pastored in Montgomery.

This is the Alabama Supreme Court Building.

From behind that middle window the telegram that started the Civil War in America was sent.

This is where Rosa Parks boarded a bus that eventually changed America as it was known.

This is a statue of Hank Williams a famous Country star who sang in Montgomery, AL

The Wright Brothers had a flight training school in Montgomery, AL too!

Look in the distance! Those are big Military planes! This is a part of Maxwell Air Force Base!

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Ducky at the Texas Pumpkin Patch!

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Jonathan’s Ducky

Getting ready to snowmobile!

On the trail.

View of Lake Superior

View of Lake Superior in the distance.

Ducky had a wonderful time learning about how grain dryers worked and how to fix them. We then took a trip to the northern tip of Wisconsin to do some snowmobiling.

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A new state for # 1151

Blake’s Duck, # 1151 has made it to the mountains of western North Carolina.  Ducky enjoyed visiting a farm with sheep, cows, and horses (and a great farm dog named Lucy) in Cartoogechaye (car -2-ga-jay) township and hanging out in front of the wood stove and on the cabin porch in Ellijay township. After taking a hike on the Appalachian Trail, Duckie went to town, saw the Nikwasi Indian Mound and hung out at the top of town hill on Main Street in Franklin N. C.  Now off to a new adventure!

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Ducky takes on New York City


Hi there!

A couple of takes from Ducky’s adventure in NYC:

-A Broadway show at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square
-A tasting with one of NYC’s top pastry chefs
-A basketball game at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center (Detroit Pistons vs. Brooklyn Nets)

He is staying warm, eating all sorts of NYC treats, and taking the subway everywhere.

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