Riceville CSD 2nd Grade Ducky # 1238

From Ducky: ”

I have arrived at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.  It is the home of the B2 Spirit Stealth Jet.  Everyday I can hear the A-10 Warthogs, B-2′ s and other practice jets flying overhead. It’s really loud, but really neat! I’ve had to bundle up with the weather getting colder here and everyone is starting to get ready for Halloween so I have been putting up lights, spooky skeletons and decorations all over the base.  What should I be fore halloween?!! I think maybe a ghost duck!

I may take a trip to Kansas city, because its about an hour away, and get some good BBQ & go see a Royals game! That reminds me of a great duck joke; Why did the duck cross the baseball field?  He heard the umpire calling Fowls! haha.

I have some friends in San Antonio, Texas that have invited me to drop by, and considering how cold it is outside it might be a great idea!!

Hope to see you all soon, and enjoy your Halloween.

-DUCKY (0V0)

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Ducky sees Chicago, Illinois, and Salt Lake City, Utah

Wow, have I had a busy time. Yesterday I had to wake up when it was still dark outside. I took a train from Mundelein, Illinois, to Chicago, Illinois. I went to O’Hare airport. I got to see my airplane from the airport window. It was very exciting. I was a lucky duck and got a seat next to the window. When the plane was flying I saw a lot of farms. They looked like little rectangles from the air. Then I saw mountains, and some mountains had snow on them. I knew we were almost at the Salt Lake City airport when I saw the Great Salt Lake in Utah. After we landed I saw some things in Salt Lake City. I saw statues, fountains, a temple, and mountains. I tried to swim in one of the fountains but I was too tired from the long day, so went to sleep instead. Here are some pictures.

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Ducky in Alaska

Ducky arrived happy and dry to Juneau, Ak on October 15th. The weather here is cool and wet and the water in the bay is calm today. Ducky is watching the boats and other birds flying over the water. Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. Lots of great people and all kinds of birds here. Heading to Washington state tomorrow.

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Last stops in Las Vegas

Before I went from Libertyville, Illinois I made a couple last stops in Las Vegas. I met Mr Peanut and a couple dogs. Luger is a German Shepherd and Izzy is a Dutch Shepherd, who is specially trained to find lost people.

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Ducky rests up before traveling

Today I met two new dog friends in Libertyville, Illinois. We took a nap because tomorrow I go on an airplane!

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Ducky swims in the ocean

Ducky got to go swimming in the Pacific Ocean near Oceanside, California. He had a great time with his seagull friends.

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Over the Rockies

I finally made it over the Rocky Mountains from Colorado to Albany, California. I’m going to nap & play in the fountain for a few days before I begin to explore the area. There are some interesting places & flowers to explore. It’s nice being here in a 73 degree temperature versus Colorado where it is 28 degrees & has begun to snow. Burrrrrr

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Leaving Heidelberg

Hey  folks. I had a great time in Heidelberg, Germany. But now it’s time to leave.

Tomorrow I’m heading for the capital of Germany. Guess where I go!

I say hi to Elena. Hope to see you again soon.

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Ducky with my dolls🦄🦄🦄😻😻😻

I think he wants play .

I love it

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First ducky in Mexico

My first ducky is the first ducky in Mexico I am so exited

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