How to post

Thanks for supporting our 2nd Grade Project at Riceville Schools.  If you are at this page, hopefully you are enjoying Ducky’s many journeys, or even better, you and Ducky are here posting about your Journey’s together.

This page has been designed as a simple guide to assist you in posting to the Ducky Blog.

  1. Logging In:  Down and to the right, there is a link to Log In under the Word META.  When your duck arrived, he should have included a username and password in reference to this website, this is where you enter that information.  Any problems with that please eMail our Support.
  2. Once logged in, you will be taken to the site Dashboard.  This is where you can post your Ducky Updates.
    1. Click on Posts
    2. Click on Add New
    3. Add your post, the content is automatically saved, but you need to click Publish to post on the website.
    4. If you have pictures to upload, You can simply drag and drop your pictures on to your post, the file will automatically upload when you publish
    5. Finally, Add a title to your post.
  3. Once you have entered your text, on the right side of the page is a blue Publish button.  For your blog to be visible,  you need to click this button, once you have done that, your post is available for the world to view.